Upcoming courses

Oftec 101/105E/600A/102W/D

Domestic oil engineer training and assessment for pressure jet appliances installation/servicing/storage tanks (re-assessment candidates only):

12th - 14th August: OFTEC 101/105E/600A refresher training and assessments

9th - 11th October:OFTEC 101/105E/600A refresher training and assessments

5th - 7th November: OFTEC 101/105E/600A refresher training and assessments

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Oftec 101/105E/600A/201 Initial

Domestic and commercial oil engineering initial training and assessments for gas engineers (option of domestic elements only available).

21st - 22nd August OFTEC 201 training and assessments

4th - 7th November OFTEC 101/105E/600A training and assessments

OFTEC 50 for those who are new to the oil industry and do not have any related experience or qualifications.

7th - 11th October OFTEC 50 training and assessments

CCN1 + Appliances

Domestic natural gas engineer one-day refresher training and two-days assessments:

27th - 29th August

30th September - 2nd October

21st - 23rd October

Assessment only options available.

 13th - 14th August-  Additional gas appliances

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Domestic LPG engineer reassessments:

5th - 6th June 2019

LPG initial courses:

23rd August - CONGLP1PD / RPH Initial training and assessments

20th September - CONGLP1 LAV and HTRLP2 Initial

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Single day courses

We offer many short courses with either training and assessment for initial candidates, or assessement only for others. These could be for example:

15th August - Unvented HW storage

16th September - Legionella awareness

17th September: Unvented HW storage

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Electrical courses

18th Edition 3-day: 

12th - 14th August

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